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White Russian

White Russian

Passionate about riding new spots, exploring yet to me unknown countries and people, diving into different cultures, sharing the pure joy of kitesurfing with kindred mates all around the world no matter their background, age or mother tongue and spreading this energy all around, that’s what I love most – the true freeride spirit.

“I’m going to a super exotic destination … guess where?“, “mh, some place in the Caribbean or perhaps South Pacific..?“, none of my friends came even close to the right answer (I don’t blame them !), “no, I’m going to Russia“, “whaaat, what will you be doing there?“, “kitesurfing of course, or have you seen me playing tourist ever over the last 5 years?“. I was thrilled by the idea, had no clue, though, what to expect in general nor kitesurfing-wise (conditions etc.), however, exactly that totally unknown and unusual factor made the mission so exciting.

Yeah and the trip reconfirmed to me yet again: who risks, most of the time, wins … I had s u c h a memorable time, certainly one of my best trips ever.

Check out this portrait on 9 pages !!!

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RELEASE DATE : August 2007


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Andrej Rybchinski

CATEGORIES : personal column, travel stories

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