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Alles im Fluss

Alles im Fluss

If you’re just starting out in kiteboarding, you will probably have a hard time imagining that kitesurfing can be a peaceful and almost meditative experience. Believe it or not, you’ll eventually you’ll soon gain control and learn to ride like a zen master.

To me wave-kiting puts me right into that flow state. Just by being out there in ‘the big blue’ I feel a connection with the waves, the wind and the ocean in a way that goes beyond the physical. Writing can also give me that feeling of flow – admittedly not always, it has to be said – but when I’m in flow I have the opposite to writer’s block. It’s pretty great really.

In this article in the leading German kite magazine Kiteboarding, I reflect on the art of getting completely and wonderfully lost in kitesurfing and making friends with flow and silence…

You can read the feature right here! Simply scroll down and hit “Download PDF”!

Also, if German isn’t your mother tongue, here’s the English version in Kiteworld :). For the Spanish article in Surf a Vela click here, and for Italian in Kitesoul ITA here.

Enjoy the silence whilst reading,
Gabi x

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RELEASE DATE : July 2015


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