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Immer mit der Ruhe

Immer mit der Ruhe

In kitesurfing, the sport we love and many of us truly live for, it’s pretty easy to get so into the groove of it, during a regular session at home or particularly during a holiday, lead by the obsession of learning a new move or quite simply wanting to make the most of our trip, that we forget completely about some key principles for safe and effective training.

Most of the kite-related injuries are totally unnecessary…  and it could be so easy to avoid them, really!    In order to save you from any preventable time off the water, I have listed for you with the help of my North International team mates the most common mistakes in this feature in, Germany’s No.1 kitesurf magazine.

Check out the article either right here or download, print, save it.  Whatever you want 🙂 ! Simply scroll down and choose.

Have fun guys & kite safely

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RELEASE DATE : July 2011


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