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The Wave Whisperess

The Wave Whisperess

“Heute” is one of the most popular and biggest daily newspapers in Austria.

With over 820.000 readers, and that number constantly increasing, I feel pretty honoured that my “10-Years-Anniversary” as professional kitesurfer was shared in this feature by Martin Huber with all the readers in my home turf 🙂

The photo was taken by top surf-photographer Jason Wolcott, who is originally from the States, though, today is living with his family in Bali, Indonsia, the “Island of Gods”.

I met Jason during my anniversary trip to Bali, the place where I first felt the power of a kite and thus, it’s kind of the origin and roots of “Kitegabi”. During this trip I had some unforgettable sessions in some serious waves on a neighboring island of Bali. Plus, an earthquake hit, one night whilst I was sleeping…

The article is titled “Die Wellenflüsterin”, which translates in English into “The Wave Whisperess” 🙂   I like it!

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NAME : Heute

RELEASE DATE : July 2012


AUTHOR : Martin Huber

CATEGORIES : various

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