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Wave Armour

Wave Armour

Wavekitesurfing is the latest trend in the multi-facetted sport of kitesurfing. It’s growing rapidly in popularity and more and more kitesurfers exchange their freestyle board for a super cool waveboard, which guarantees a totally new feeling in the water and the ultimate thrill.

Pick up any kitesurf magazine these days and you’re bound to find the majority of photos being taken in waves…

I’ve dedicated my career since 2005 almost solely focused on waveriding. Personally I love the really big ones, yeah and would call myself a true ‘Big-Wave-Freak’.

Waveriding is not only for the pro’s, though.  Not at all, you can get into it at pretty much all levels of kitesurfing once you’re passed the beginner’s stage.  A good intermediate level is certainly of advantage and if you’re in addition to that a surfer, kiting in waves will come naturally rather quickly.

Whatever your aim is, the upmost important in the beginning is a gradual, yet safe learning curve:  The progress from a total newbie to a confident wavekiter. Therefore I focused the article more on some of the safety aspects around going out in waves rather than intending to be a complete guide to different manoeuvres.

Supported by sick action shots of the North International team (Sky Solbach, Jaime Herraiz, Mario Rodwald etc..) and myself, read this 8-page article in Kiteworld Magazine, the leading international publication, in order to find out things that I’ve discovered to be the most important to kiting safely in waves.

Simply scroll down and choose whether you would like to download, read online or print the article.

Alternatively if your native language isn’t English, check out the article in German in

Have fun guys & please send me you feedback, I always love to hear from you 🙂

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