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Wave of Life

Wave of Life

In the 2015 autumn issue of the Australian Kite Mag, I’m sharing my little story…

The story of my dream which came true with belief, commitment, hard work, taking big risks and breaking the rules of what society expects.

It was a long way from growing up in a landlocked country, via a life and successful career in the business jungles of London and Hong Kong to leaving it all behind for living my childhood dream of a life near the beach; to top this of: as professional kiteboarder.

This is my “Wave of Life” ūüôā

The amazing photographs that support this article were taken from the helicopter by Colin Leonhardt, loving them, thanks Col!

Check out the full story below. You can either download the pdf or read directly online.

Have fun!
Gabi x



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NAME : Kite Mag Australia

RELEASE DATE : April 2015


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