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Kein Glueck fuer Kite-Gabi

Kein Glueck fuer Kite-Gabi

My third event on the PKRA World Tour in my first season did not at all work out the way I was hoping for.

I put a lot of pressure onto myself as I considered the tour stop in Germany of main importance as all the people from my equipment sponsor North kites and Fanatic boards were there watching and it goes without saying, I wanted to impress them. The conditions were super challenging. After many days on standby, the wind came up, unfortunately though from the wrong direction for that very spot. Thus: offshore and extremely gusty (gusty as I have not had experienced so far back then). The wind in my heat suddenly picked up some good 10 knots and I got slammed around like crazy by the natural forces… When the horn signalled the end of my heat, I was devastated, ‘whaaaat, already over?’, it all went so fast. I felt so ashamed about my performance, it was horrible. Well, by now after many years in the international competition scene, I know that luck is also one factor to success and victories and that it’s not always there when you need it.

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NAME : Wiener Sport Am Montag

RELEASE DATE : September 2003


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