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Stripped! The leading ladies bare it all!

Stripped! The leading ladies bare it all!

The leading kite-chicks answer questions during the final stop of the PKRA World Tour in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Flo Ducate, photographer and girlfriend of ex-double World Champion Mark Shinn, chose the top 15 girls on tour in 2003 and raised several issues, asking them to comment. The final competition of my first World Cup season was certainly an all-time-highlight. It was my first time in Brazil, first time I felt Brasilian-‘Alegria’ (translated: love for life & joy) where I stayed all together almost 3months travelling the coast around Fortaleza and totally fell in love with the country and its unique people.

Featured girls: Laurel Eastman, Carol Freitas, Julie Prochaska Gilbert, Michelle Glazman, Petra Goeschl, Ingrid Koellbichler, Daphnee Laliberte, Cindy Mosey, Fabienne D’Ortoli, Angela Peral, Sheldon Plentovich, Fiona Wedenig, Dreya Wharry, Cj Jones and myself.