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Kitegabi – Gabi Steindl

Kitegabi – Gabi Steindl

I still remember very well, when I got an email of Christine Gutter (North kiteboarding International marketing and back then also team-manager) whilst being in Venezuela, training for the first stop of the World Tour in 2005 with the news ‘go and shoot with Axel Reese, he’s a top-photographer and coming to Margarita island in a couple of days. wants some cool photos, because you’re in the next mag, they will be running a big feature about Kitegabi’.

Hurray, so I did. Although Axel Reese, a lovely chap, was extremely busy during the days that he spent in Venezuela, we managed to get a good photoshoot in. embraced the pictures that were added to their kitegabi-archive and published these new shots of Axel besides the ones of other great photographers amongst them Steve White, Roberto Foresti, Karolina Barinova and more…

The interview that was published with it covers a nice portfolio of questions from life on the world tour, to my objectives, fears, and of course men… Considering the 5 page spread, this is my first ‘true minute of fame’ in the kitesurfing print media!