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Träume leben – Best & Worst about being a pro

Träume leben – Best & Worst about being a pro

‘Living the pro-dream’ is certainly a huge privilege and me personally, I would not change it for the world !  However, in order to stay on top and retain the interest of sponsors is a tough, very competitive mission. I’ve been privileged keeping in the pro-business for more than 7 years now and have mutated over the years from a ‘simple kitesurfer’ into a ‘One-Woman-Show’:  professional athlete, coach, manager, sponsor hunter, marketing & PR, webmaster, journalist, accountant, travelagent … and much more! 

Almost on a daily basis I get the same ‘Ohhhhs and Ahhhs’ as well as questions when I’m asked after my profession, the most common and typical reaction is “Mhhhmmm, professional kitesurfer … do you also work?” or “Awesome, the whole year travelling, you’re on a life-long holiday and paid for it, yeah?”

I was curious and interviewed several of my North kiteboarding team-mates on that topic. I have asked them two simple questions “What’s the best and the worst in your job as professional kiteboarder?”. Check out what my team-mates had to say in this cool feature, part of my personal column “Kite & the Planet” published in the German    –   Enlish version out soon too!  I will keep you updated 🙂  –

Enjoy !