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Wellen-Sinnbild des Lebens

Wellen-Sinnbild des Lebens

Interacting with the elements is my profession. As globetrotting freerider I’m privileged to have the Ocean as my office! However, the sea and waves mean way more to me:  Life-force and Philosophy. 

Over the 7 years in my career as kite-pro the Ocean became the most important energy & element in my life: “To become one with the elements, to imbibe the incredible energy of Mother Nature without taking anything away from her, the ‘Mana of the Ocean’, an infinite force and abundance of wisdom that teaches us about life (…if we’d only listened!) and the wave-like nature of our existence”.

Yes, I interpret the ocean as symbol of life  –   its peaks and troughs, its sets and lulls, the tide’s ebb and flow just like our daily being.  “Nothing in life can be forced, you have to wait for your wave patiently, there is a time for everything to happen, get in touch with the pulse of the planet instinctively, be fully present in the moment and enjoy the ride when your wave comes…

In this feature as part of my column “Kite & the Planet” in the German kiteboarding magazine I would like to share my personal life-philosophy. Mind you, it’s only a super brief intro to it, I could (and  w i l l  eventually) write a whole book on the incredible wisdom & energy of our Planet’s Oceans!

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