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During my trip in Western Australia I noticed with pleasure that kitesurfing after many years of being regarded as ‘gay’ amongst surfers, suddenly is the coolest, most trendy thing to do … niiiice!! Yeah, I also was thrilled meeting big-wave charger Damon Eastaugh, Winner of the Oakley-Big Wave Awards and his tow-partner Courtney Gray, who both are totally frothing on learning to kitesurf these days and can’t wait to tow themselves with the help of a kite into the monster waves of the west coast.

Yeah sweet…one of the sweetest experiences, though, for me back there in Western Australia was when I gave tow-in surfing a shot … siiiick feeling, got totally hooked, can’t wait for my next go at it!

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RELEASE DATE : April 2008


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl


CATEGORIES : personal column, various

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