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Chica Wings

Chica Wings

My first travel story e v e r. Right after the PKRA World Cup in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, I went on my first road trip ever together with French Champion Fabienne D’Ortoli and the French photographer Kristen PelouTrip. In a 4×4 we explored the North of the Dominican Republic looking for ‘alternative, new spots’ to Cabarete, back then the only popular kitespot in the island. During those days we hooked up with ‘local VIPs’, such as Susi Mai and Carolina and shared good fun sessions.
As this was first photo-trip in my bach then still very youngt career in the kite-pro szene (I have only been kitesurfing for about 10 months), I remember driving Fabienne pretty crazy. Until that trip I had the impression that all I needed to focus on is training, training, training. Driving around in the car for hours, searching for new spots, unridden places etc. made me nervous and edgy…need to practise, need to learn new moves… What I learnt back then: The duties of a kitepro comprise way more than ‘only’ kitesurfing. Photoshoots, exposure are at least as important as a good result. Back then I guess I wetted my freeride-spirit taste buds for the first time, travelling in good company, jumping from waterfalls, discovering beautiful, deserted places and so much more…

Something else that will always stay in my mind thinking back to that trip, how good it felt to get confident at spots with absolutely no one else around. I learned a lot of Fabienne, she was already experienced and knew how to launch my kite with hers in the air etc.

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NAME : Kite Magazin

RELEASE DATE : January 2004


PHOTOGRAPHER : Kristen Pelou

CATEGORIES : spot guides, travel stories

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