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Better than Paradise

Better than Paradise

The title says it all already 🙂

The Sportmagazin, one of Europe’s leading industry magazines in German, was curious and wanted to know all about my latest discoveries and if there was a place that beat everything else I’ve seen so far…

It was the perfect timing as I had only just come back from an epic trip to New Caledonia, where I had scored some unreal wave conditions on the outer reefs of the largest lagoon in the world!

But it’s not only the amazing wave conditions that make New Caledonia one of the most fascinating places to kite that I have ever visited. It’s an even more picture-perfect paradise for flat-water wind sport lovers and thus all other disciplines like freestyle, foiling, racing etc. With an endless number of spots for all levels and ambitions, a truly magical wind statistic of 220 windy days per year, little islands that boast absolutely perfect kiting grounds into all directions, a semi-tropical climate, toasty warm water temperatures, spectacular landscapes with mountains and unspoilt beaches, New Caledonia is the closest kitesurfers can get to paradise on earth! I had such an amazing time, I extended my return-ticket back to Australia twice 🙂

Read about my trip in German below, just download the PDF!

I’ve written several articles about this trip to “Kite-Heaven”, here’s another one in German on 12 pages in Kiteboarding Mag, the French version, the English on 8 pages in Kiteworld, and for Spanish click here for the article in Surf a Vela.

I hope you enjoy the articles.
Gabi xx


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