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Welkam to the hapi isles

Welkam to the hapi isles


Yes – that’s me on the cover …. in a little dugout canoe, cruising around the magical mini island Sepo in Gizo, Solomon Islands. 

Here’s how this adventure started:

“Miss, please step on the scale”. It took me a few moments to understand before stepping onto the old fashioned scales and my weight was noted down next to my bags’. A quick glimpse inside my backpack by a lovely lady with heavily stained bright red teeth—“Have a safe flight Mam”. Holding onto the old rubber hose that served as a handrail of the Twin Otter, I banged my head on the tiny doorframe before taking one of the 16 seats. When my rather large board bag appeared, squeezed into the cabin by the co-pilot and then belted on a few fully reclined empty seats next to me I knew this was going to be a real adventure. 

A trip to the Solomons will take you right outside your comfort zone in many ways. Largely isolated from the outside world and with only about 6000 tourists per year, this is truly “off the beaten track”. 

Read more about my once-in-a-lifetime-trip to this mystical country, which I’m proud of having pioneered by kite in this article for Action Asia magazine. 

Also, if you’ve never read my background story how I got into kiting in the first place, back in 2002, you should check out MY BIO — Action Asia is playing a big part in it 🙂

If you’d rather read this article in another language, check out the Italian version in 4Kitesurf, Spanish in Surf a Vela, German in Kiteboarding, or a longer English version in The Kiteboarder!

Have fun & live your dreams !!!

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