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La Face Cachee du WA

La Face Cachee du WA

For the first time ever a helicopter made its way out to the coast of the deep outback of Australia’s North West in order to capture the pure essence of freeriding and the magic of this place. Certainly not a place for the thin-skinned and one has to love the response from Air Mobil when trying to get fuel delivered out there for the shoot “no f….g way I’m going out there”.   A place that has the power to change your life forever….

Each trip will open your mind, bring you new perspectives on life and will help you to get to know yourself a bit better. Travelling has a huge impact on one’s personal development and each time you set out into the world, you also set out onto a journey to yourself.  Some trips even have the power to change your life completely. That happened to me, after having been travelling the globe for over 16 years…  That magic place that changed my life is Western Australia.

Read about my “once in a life-time” adventure together with Colin Leonhardt, one of Australia’s leading aerial photographers, who followed me in my 60’s series Landcruiser, that I packed absolutely chock-a-block with all my toys (kite, SUP, surf), in a helicopter!

Photographed partially from birdseye-view, the French Kiteboarder Mag published our trip on 8 pages. Read the full article online by pressing on the thumbnails of the pages below or download the PDF by clicking the button at the very bottom of the page.


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NAME : Kiteboarder Magazine

RELEASE DATE : June 2013


CATEGORIES : travel stories

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