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New Updates in my Media-Portfolio !

New Updates in my Media-Portfolio !

F I N A L L Y  🙂     I managed to update my Publications Portfolio with all the  – till now ‘missing’  but not anymore –  media coverage from the end of 2010 and 2011…  and let me tell you, there’s  l o a d s  of  goooood stuff to be found there !

Yes, yes, yes, as my loyal followers will know,  a l l  my articles can be either read or downloaded, saved and printed in FULL  right here on Each article in my Publications-Portfolio has all the options right at the end of the page, simply click into the publication and feature that you’re interested in, scroll right down the page and choose what you would like to do !

Here’s a couple of Goodies, but there’s soooo many more:

My monthly column  ” Wave of Life – Letters from around the World “ for example in Austria’s leading Women & Lifestyle Magazine “Für Mich”, check out my letter from Kenya, Papua New Guinea, or Bali, or perhaps you’re more interested in my “Wave Philosophy” and how the Ocean to me is a Symbol for Life!

Or how about my Once-in-a-Lifetime-Trip to Papua New Guinea in several languages with amazing photos on biiiig spread :
10-pages in the leading German magazine KITEBOARDING.DE
8-pages in English in the only truly international kite-publication KITEWORLD MAG
8-pages also in the French KITEBOARDER
6-pages in Italian in GirLand

Or for the Austrian and German readers amongst you, three really sweet profiles about Kitegabi and her life in:
The Austrian KURIER or  HEUTE, two of the biggest daily newspapers of my home-turf 🙂 !
or in the German FIT FOR FUN on 4-pages which is a huuuuge media-success and privilege.

Two more that I’m extremely proud of:
“Kitegabi on Fire” on the COVER of the 10-Years Anniversary issue of the leading German mag: !
as well as:
Kitegabi on the COVER of a new series of MATHEMATIK BOOKS that are already used by students in schools all across Austria, Switzerland, and Germany!   woooooooooooooooooow, I bet my Maths-Professor would have never guessed that one day I will be on the cover of one 😉

…and there’s more, check it out!

Have fun with the articles guys & please send me your feedback, I always   l o v e  to hear from you