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Made in Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

Taiwan, a kitesurfer’s paradise??

To be perfectly honest with you, until recently I would have had strong doubts about this statement. That’s precisely why it’s so freakin’ awesome to take risks, give yourself a push and go out into the world to expand your horizon!

Ever since my earliest childhood the country Taiwan was well known to me (that’s what I thought anyway!). After all the entire kingdom of my toys, my bike and later on almost all my electrical gadgets, fake designer-clothes and the majority of house and kitchen utensils in my parents’ house carried the “Made in Taiwan”-badge. I knew little else other than that Taiwan was producing a hell of a lot of goods and that it was somewhere in Asia. I was astounded to discover in the process of thoroughly researching the globe for a new explorer-mission that this island in the Pacific seemed to be blessed with promising conditions for wind- and wave-addicts….

This article in the leading international magazine Kiteworld, reports about my unforgettable three-and-a-half week journey in this truly unique and so amazing country, where I made heaps of friends, soaked up the culture and was experiences a Taiwan that I didn’t have a clue existed!

Have fun reading guys, either online or download the pdf to your device! Simply click on the button below.

If English is not your mother tongue, you can also find the German version published in, in Spanish in Surf a Vela, or in French in Kiteboarder.Mag!


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NAME : Kiteworld

RELEASE DATE : April 2014


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

CATEGORIES : travel stories

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