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Made in Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

Have you ever been to Taiwan for a surfing holiday?

Hehehehe, most people would be like “No way, I’ve never heard about any surf in Taiwan”. I was pretty much the same till I started my research in search for a new explorer-mission and was astounded to discover that this island in the Pacific seemed blessed with promising conditions for wind- and wave-addicts.  It was mainly the wind statistics that got me: during the months from October through to March, strong winds from the northeast were blowing at least 5 out of 7 days. 25 knots is considered “average”, 40 knots +  as “pretty normal”.

Read about all the amazing experiences that I was privileged to live during my “Made in Taiwan-Adventure” which took me 2500km across this truly fascinating and extraordinary country! Taiwan, a little piece of paradise in our crazy world surprised me in so many regards. The people and places that I was privileged getting to know during the 3 ½ weeks and all the special experiences in this rather different and so interesting culture will always have a very special place in my heart. Wo(我) ai(爱) ni(你), engl. “I Love Taiwan“.

The French Kiteboarder Mag publish “Made in Taiwan” on 10 pages, read it right here online or be my guest downloading the pdf simply by clicking on the button below!

Alternatively if French isn’t your native tongue, you can find the German version published in, in Spanish in Surf a Vela, or in English in Kiteworld!

Have fun!  Xxx

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RELEASE DATE : July 2014


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