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Kite-pro life

Kite-pro life

Most people assume kitesurf professionals get paid to simply go kiteing, spend their days off the water lazing around in the sun, and travel the world with all expenses covered. Mh, well, partly true for very few in the kite-pro-szene, though, the rest is working very hard to keep the head over water. Me too, I’m a one-woman-show: athlete, coach, media & pr agent, sponsor hunter, travel agent and so much more…

I feel extremely lucky having found something that I believe so strongly and passionately in as I do in kitesurfing, and to be amongst few people in the world who can say from the bottom of their heart ‘I truly love what I do for living’. Nevertheless it’s a tough jungle out there and my duties encompass way more than purely ripping waves and wind apart!

Looking into the most common clichés around the life of a kitesurf-professional, not everything in this article should be taken deadly serious !!

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NAME : Stance

RELEASE DATE : October 2006


AUTHOR : Gabi Steindl

PHOTOGRAPHER : Garance Mac Keene

CATEGORIES : various

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