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Competition results

The first seasons in my career as kitesurf professional I primarily focused on competition.   I successfully followed the PKRA (Professional Kiteriders Association) World Cup as well as I participated in independent events all around the globe. I celebrated numerous beautiful victories and have successfully established ‘Kitegabi’ as a main player in todays kiteboarding-world.   Check out my achievements after seasons below.

Today my main focus has shifted to freeride media projects (tv, dvd, press) with an emphasis on wave-riding and pushing the limits off the competition scene.  I still participate in very selective events all around the globe, however, feel I can contribute more to the development of the sport by emphasizing and working around the purest form of kitesurfing that’s achievable for everyone.   Please visit my freeriding section and read the short interview about my thoughts on comps and more.


KITEIVAL (Kitesurf Festival), Mauritius, Indian Ocean
1st    Long Dictance Race –  what was really funny here:  Kitegabi was the only girl amongst 25 male competitors, amongst them Ex-World and European Champ…  I left them all behind and won!)

PKRA World Cup Podersdorf, Austria
5th Freestyle

KPWT (Kiteboard Pro World Tour) Wavemasters Guincho, Portugal
5th Wave


PKRA TEAM WORLD CUP (KTWC) Flexeiras, Brazil
1st in all 3 disciplines: freestyle, race, wave

Pipa Na Onda Wavemaster, Tibao do Sol, Brazil
2nd Wave

PKRA World Cup Fuerteventura, Canary islands
3rd Hang Time

PKRA World Cup Joao Pessoa, Brazil
3rd Boarder-X


PKRA World Cup Coche island, Venezuela
1st Long-Distance Race
4th Sliders & Kicker

PKRA World Cup Podersdorf, Austria
5th Freestyle

Polar Ice Cup Coche island, Venezuela
2nd Freestyle
2nd Best Trick
2nd Hang Time

BetandWin Kitesurf Pro Tarifa, Spain
2nd Long Distance
4th X-Moves


Red Bull King of the Air Dubai, VAE
1st Freestyle

Stimorol Engadinwind Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland
1st Expression-Session
2nd Freestyle

PKRA World Cup Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
3rd Boarder-Cross

PKRA World Cup Fehmarn, Germany
5th Freestyle

PKRA World Rank
8th Overall ranking female 2004


KPWT World Cup Cap D´Agde, France
1st Speed Crossing
3rd Best Trick

Northsea Kiteboarding Championship Knokke, Belgium
2nd Freestyle

PKRA World Cup Podersdorf, Austria
7th Freestyle

PKRA World Cup Fortaleza, Brazil
5th Freestyle

PKRA World Rank
7th Overall ranking female 2003